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4 Ideas for an Alternative Romantic Local Retreat

Looking for ideas for a romantic local getaway? Romance doesn’t always mean extravagant gestures and expensive gifts. A lot of the time, beauty is hidden in the simple and the unexpected. So, this Valentine’s Day, opt for a local retreat, away from the hustle and bustle, for a specially tailored excursion that won’t break the bank. Take a look at our 4 top alternative romantic getaway ideas to whisk your partner away on an unforgettable getaway.

picnic by the beach

1. Head to the water for a Beachfront or Lakeside Stay

Venture to the nearest lake or beach for a tranquil escape by the water. Picture long walks on the beach or by the lake, sunset picnics, and sunrise swimming. You can even turn it into an active getaway by going canoeing or cycling by the waterfront.

nature, forest, cottage

2. Head to the mountains or countryside for a Secret Escape

Tucked away in a cozy cabin or chalet in the mountains, you and your partner will truly feel like you are the only people in the world. Look for stays with extra romantic touches, like a fireplace, a hot tub, or an outside deck for stargazing at night. You can explore hiking trails during the day, and enjoy cozy nights in during the evening, with home-cooked meals and board games.

cottages, Cotswolds, England

3. Book a historic Bed & Breakfast

You don’t always have to venture far to discover quaint destinations! Perhaps you have always taken the towns and villages close to you for granted, but take another look and you may be surprised to discover a local hidden gem. Look out for places with a rich history, local attractions, and cozy inns for a quaint getaway.

treehouse, quirky accommodation, woman tea

4. Opt for a whimsical stay: Treehouses, Boathouses, and beyond!

Whisk away your partner to a getaway unlike any other. From windmills to lighthouses, there are plenty of platforms like Cool Stays, offering unique accommodation options around the world. So, take your pick for a romantic excursion out of the ordinary.

Looking for more ways to delight your partner? Why not gift them an alternative travel Experience by LocalBini. From exploring the past of magical Bruges to a delectable authentic Swiss Fondue dinner in Geneva, take a look at LocalBini’s one-of-a-kind experiences, hosted by knowledgeable locals across Europe.

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