10 tips to dress comfortably when travelling

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Dressing comfortably can affect your entire travel experience for the better. It’s one thing to walk across the airport to find your gate sweating in a tight jumper, in pain because one of the straps of your shoe is sinking into your skin, and another to walk around in breezy clothes and shoes you never knew could be so comfortable. If that sounds like something you’re after, follow our 10 tips for dressing comfortably when travelling.


1. Layers are your friends

Dressing for travel temperature-wise is hard. One minute you’re sweating, hauling your bags to the check-in counter, and the next you’re shivering on the plane. And it’s often the case that the temperature at the place of departure is not the same as the temperature at your destination. So, what should you wear if you’re leaving cold Denmark for sunny Greece? One word: layers. Don’t go for your favourite woolly sweater. Go for a t-shirt, a jacket, and maybe a coat. This way you can layer up or layer down accordingly.


2. Slip on shoes are good news

Even your most trusted comfortable shoes can turn on you and become uncomfortable when travelling. That’s why going for slip on shoes is the best thing you can do. You can easily slip them off at any time to give your feet a break. And you also don’t have to worry about untied laces or undone straps as you pace across the airport.


3. Keep it loose

Loose clothing equals comfortable clothing. While skinny jeans and a tight leather jacket might be your everyday go-to style, consider switching it up when travelling. Swelling of the feet and legs when flying is not uncommon, and even doctors agree that tight clothing can put your health at risk. Beyond that, tight clothes are just not that comfortable. Do yourself a favour and go for a breezy blouse instead of that tight sweater.


4. Go for breathable fabrics

Step away from that polyester sweater. And please, oh please, don’t go with latex, ever. Instead, go for light, natural and breathable fabrics that allow air and moisture to go through. Otherwise, all that perspiration will have no place to go and you’ll end up feeling gross and sweaty in no time. So, to sum up: avoid synthetic fabrics at all costs. Go for more breezy fabrics, such as cotton and linen instead.


5. Ease up on the accessories

While heavy accessories might be a style choice, going easy on them when travelling is just good sense. First of all, there’s airport security to think of. You wouldn’t want to hold up the line and keep people waiting as you take off your bracelet, your necklace, and oh wait, you forgot about the ring. You also don’t want to risk losing your favourite jewellery at the airport. Remember the story of that woman who dropped her bracelet somewhere at the airport and went back to look for it and found it? No? That’s because that almost never happens.


6. Pockets are your friends

Chances are you are carrying too many bags to remember where you put everything. So a handy tip is wearing clothes with a lot of pockets in them so that you can have your essentials on you at all times. iPod in the top right pocket, wallet in the big pants pocket, you’ll know where everything is, plus you’ll be able to keep tabs on your most valuable items.


7. Go hands-free with a trendy backpack

Backpacks aren’t just for school and hiking. In fact, backpacks are very in nowadays. And they’re very handy too. When travelling, you want to be as carefree as possible. You don’t want to worry about forgetting your bag at the lavatory. With your backpack on your shoulders, you can wash your hands without having to leave it on the wet counter. Plus free hands for duty-free shopping!


8. Comfy underwear for the win

Remember when we talked about going for breathable fabrics? Well, the same goes for underwear. You just don’t want to be dealing with uncomfortable fabrics, or worse, itchy fabrics. Opt for comfort over style every time. You can always switch it up once you arrive at your destination.


9. Buttons are a no-go

It’s not just slip on shoes you should go for, it’s slip on everything! Go for clothes that are as low maintenance as possible. You don’t want to be holding up the security line as you undo your jacket’s fifteen buttons. After all, simplicity never goes out of style.


10. Go for soothing colours

While you might love your vibrant red leather pants, a key to feeling comfortable when travelling is dressing in soothing colours. Beige, pastels, monochromes, go for the colours that make you feel comfortable and at ease and try to avoid extravagant patterns and vibrant hues. You’ll be doing both yourself and your fellow travellers a favour.

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