7 lists to help you get even more out of your travels

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Lists are not just for work and tasks! They can be used for making fun travel plans too. Our list guide is designed to help you optimise your travel research and preparations, so that you get the most out of your destinations. Discover our 7 ultimate lists for travellers and see all the stress from travel planning disappear!


1. Essentials List

Make an essentials list that will include all the items you couldn’t do without. This includes ID, credit cards, phone, charger, keys… basically, anything you would need to make it to your destination and back. For some, this would include their favourite book, for others a first-aid kit. It is not only a great way of avoiding unnecessary mistakes and hassle, but also a good way of figuring out what is important to you. In other words, show me your essentials list, and I will tell you who you are.


2. Clothes List

Even if you have the clothes you will take with you sorted out in your head, it is always better to have a list. And, what’s even better than having a list, is sticking to it. Especially if you are someone who always ends up taking more clothes than they actually need. It might even help to have an outfits list, to plan what you will wear each day in advance. Try to get as much use out of your clothing items as possible. For example, a night-outfit can be turned into a day-outfit with just a few small alterations. Be creative, as well as practical!


3. Top Attractions List

What are the top attractions of your destination? Are there any important monuments, famous boulevards, museums, or even theme parks you could check out? While there are many “top things to do in…” lists for every destination, make an attractions list that reflects your own interests. If you are into art, you can make a list of the best art galleries and artsy streets to visit. If you are more into entertainment, check out the best theatres, cinemas, and entertainment centres to go to. Or, if you just love to shop, make a list of the best shopping streets and local boutiques. Remember, they are only attractions if they are attractive to you.


4. Nightlife List

The most popular places to visit during the day may not be the most popular places to go out to at night. The nightlife of any destination is a reflection of its culture, so make sure to investigate where the locals go out beforehand. You wouldn’t want to be stuck at a shopping boulevard that was very busy during the day but, turned out to be empty during the night. Whether you are into quiet restaurants, trendy bars, or exotic nightclubs, be sure to check out the best streets and locations for going out. Make a list of all the spots that seem appealing to you and pick your favourites once you get there!


5. Foods List

Are you a brunch person or a brinner person? Or is a good old hearty lunch all that you are looking for? Take a look at your destination’s best food spots in advance and make a note of them. If you are a dessert person look out for the best ice-cream parlours or cake shops. Or, if you are a foodie trendsetter look out for the edgiest restaurants and culinary innovators. Whatever your tastes, make a list of restaurants and cafés you would like to try out, preferably before arriving at your destination. Being well-prepared means never having to settle for an overpriced tourist meal again.


6. Events List

Almost all destinations have a dedicated website that informs you about the hottest upcoming events. If you are headed to a big city, you are certain to be spoiled for choice. So, make sure you do your research beforehand and single-out the most unique and exciting events to attend. Even if your destination is a small town, the town’s council is certain to have a what’s on guide. You can look for communal activities to do, or any festivals that might be taking place nearby. In any case, having an events list means never missing out on an opportunity to experience something out-of-the-ordinary at your destination.


7. Bucket List

This one doesn’t quite fit in with the others, but it something any true traveller will have. A bucket list can be anything: a collection of your ultimate travel destinations, your ultimate travel activities, or even your ultimate travel dares. To get the most out of your travels, why not do a travel-dare list to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Add on anything you wouldn’t normally do, such as ‘sing at a karaoke bar’ or ‘ask a total stranger which his favourite restaurant is’, and turn your travels into a memorable and exciting adventure.


So what do you say? Are you ready to list-plan your holiday? Let us know which lists you would add to optimise your holiday planning!

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