The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Type of Traveller

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It’s that time of the year again. Google searches for “unique gifts for family ” or “original gifts for friends” are soaring. This year, you can show your friends and family you care by getting them a gift they will actually use. Which brings me to my next point… Do your friends and family love to travel? Are you loved ones always looking for a new destination? Are they always planning their next escapade? If you are surrounded by travel-lovers, then look no further: this is the ultimate gift guide for travel-lovers.

For the Practical Traveller:

Molton Brown Miniature Toiletries Travel Set LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

1. Travel Miniature Toiletries

Gift a miniature toiletry set so that your loved ones never have to leave their essentials behind. If you want to add a unique touch to your gift, Molton Brown gives you the option to customise your toiletries travel bag. Pick and mix among your favourites, and give a one-of-a-kind toiletries set that will make your loved ones feel truly special.

Buy Molton Brown Customized Travel Set


 LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate Long Life Milk Portable Charger

2. Portable Charger

A portable charger evidently makes the list as the essential go-to gadget for travellers. Take your pick between a basic power bank and a charging case. Or, if you are feeling creative, gift a more funky alternative such as a charging pen, a milk box, or even a portable charging bag!

Explore Fun Portable Charger Ideas


Fleece Jacket AyeGear Travel Clothing LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

3. Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jackets are ideal for travellers who like to travel light. This multi-functional jacket keeps you warm while providing specialised pockets for all your travel essentials. Securely stash your passport, your wallet, your phone, and even your tablet in this jacket. You will never have to worry about leaving your valuables behind.

Discover the Ultimate Fleece Jacket


For the Travel Diva

First Class Kit Shoe Bag Lingerie Bag Laundry Bag Luxe and Luxury LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

4. First Class Travel Gift Set

Travel Divas for whom the term “travelling light” is a foreign concept, might appreciate this stylish gift. Comprising of three distinct bags: one for lingerie, one for shoes, and one for laundry, the first class travel gift set is ideal for the demanding traveller! (our words, not yours).

Purchase a First Class Travel Gift Set


Aesop Jet Set Kit Travel Essentials In Flight LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

5. Jet Set Kit

Those who like to travel in style evidently like to arrive in style as well. This unique travel kit consists of the ultimate in-flight essentials, that will have anyone arriving after a long flight looking fresh and energised, as if they just stepped out of their front door.

Buy the Aesop Jet Set kit

Original Personalised Leather Luggage Tags LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

6. Personalised Luggage Tag

For some, cheap stickers and plastic luggage tags just won’t do. Surprise your loved ones with a personalised leather luggage tag, and be the one to add a touch of elegance to their travels.

Explore Personalized Luggage Tags 


For the Resourceful Traveller


Water Purification Bottle LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

7. Water Purification Bottle

Whether they are travelling in exotic destinations, or simply want to save some money from buying water bottles, a resourceful traveller is sure to appreciate this handy gift. A water purification bottle offers a better alternative to chemical water treatments and can purify water instantly. The best part is that the bottle is reusable, making it both economical and eco-safe.

Buy a Water Purification Bottle


 LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate Handpresso Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine8. Handpresso

Waking up to good quality coffee is a necessity for some. But, frequent travellers often find they have to compromise on this point when on-the-road. Not the resourceful traveller, though. Resourceful travellers will always find a way to get what they want. This Christmas, make their task a little easier for them, by gifting them this innovative portable espresso machine. Never let your loved ones make due with bad coffee again.

Search for a Hanpresso


World's Smaller Washing Machine Scrubba LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

9. World’s Smallest Washing Machine

Do you stain your favourite jacket while travelling? Did you realise you did not pack enough underwear? Let the world’s smallest washing machine come to your rescue and make your packing so much simpler. This is an ideal gift for people who tend to take long trips but have limited luggage space. And of course, let’s not forget the backpackers who can now save even more space in their backpack for food, water, and memorabilia they pick up on the road!

Discover the World’s Smallest Washing Machine 


For the Wistful Traveller

Scratch Journal Continents Tip Record Advice Notbook LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

10. Scratch Journal

This interactive travel journal is the ultimate gift for wistful travellers who like to reminisce over their adventures. With a checklist and a different scratch card for each continent, travellers can keep track of all the places they have visited. They can also document their travel experiences and write down their favourite memories so that they never fade. This unique journal is also useful while travelling, as it comes with handy travel tips and advice.

Buy a Scratch Journal 


Cork Traveller Map World Wall Memories Souvenirs LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

11. Cork Board World Traveller Map

The Cork Board World Traveller Map is the perfect gift for those who keep plane tickets, entry stubs, flyers, and any other travel memorabilia they collected stashed in a box somewhere. Help them put their collection of memories on display by gifting them this unique cork map. The map is self-adhesive, meaning it can be set up on any wall, while Travellers can use pushpins to place their collected memories on their corresponding geographic location. This unique memory map is sure to make any wistful traveller happy!

Buy a Cork Board World Traveller Map


Polaroid Instant Camera Impossible Project LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

12. Instant Camera

Help loved ones make their travel memories a little more authentic and a little less staged by gifting them an instant polaroid camera. Thanks to Tthe Impossible Project, it is now possible to purchase refurbished instant Polaroid cameras. If you are not one for looking back, you can check out the new I-1 Analog Instant Camera; a reinvention of the classic instant camera. Take your loved ones on a vintage retreat with an instant camera that will provide them with real memories, developed on the spot.

Browse Instant Cameras


For the Adventure Traveller

Travel Anywhere Guide Board Game Fun LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

13. Anywhere Travel Guide

This game is the ultimate gift for the adventure traveller. Consisting of 75 cards, or “dares”, this game is designed to push travellers out of their comfort zone and get them to discover their destination in a fun and original way. Prompts include dares such as ‘ask the next person you see what his favourite street is’, or ‘write what you like about this city on a piece of paper and leave it for someone else to find’. This travel guide is sure to provide adventurous travellers with unforgettable memories.

Buy the Anywhere Travel Guide


Destinations Lifetiem National Geographic LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

14. “Destinations of a Lifetime” by National Geographic

This iconic book provides an incredible source of inspiration for Travellers who want to discover the world’s most amazing places. Give it as a gift to someone who is always looking for a new place to add to their bucket list, and become part of their journey towards creating the memories of a lifetime.

Get the “Destinations of a Lifetime” book


GoPro Camera Adventure LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

15. GoPro

This might just be the item on every adventure lover’s wishlist. After all, a GoPro is more than just a camera; it’s a way of sharing exciting moments and adventures with friends and family. With multiple accessories fitting with any activity, a GoPro is the perfect tool for recording adventures.

Explore GoPro


For the Frequent Traveller

Kindle Ereader Travellers LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

16. E-Reader

Having to deal with long check-in queues, multiple flights, possible delays and more, many frequent travellers would be grateful for the chance to escape in a good book at any time. That is why an e-reader is the perfect gift for anyone who travels a lot and takes pleasure out of diving into a good book. Take a look at Amazon’s Kindle Voyage, which has been specifically designed for travellers. Your loved ones will thank you for it.

Compare Kindle E-Readers


Mi-FI Mobile Hotspot LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

17. Mi-Fi Mobile Hotspot

Until free data across the globe becomes a reality, travellers will have to make due with the next best thing. The Mi-Fi Mobile Hotspot is the ideal alternative: all you have to do is insert a sim with pre-paid data, which you can then connect to all of your devices.  The Huawei E-5770 is particularly good for this purpose, as it is light, portable, and offers up to 6 hours working time. The best part is that you can connect it to up to 10 devices. This way you can share your data with your fellow travellers!

Buy a Mi-fi Mobile Hotspot


Lounge Pass Airport Exclusi ve Access Luxury LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

18. Lounge Pass

Make loved ones feel truly special by surprising them with a Lounge Pass at an airport through which they travel often. Allowing you to choose from over 300 lounges at over 190 airports worldwide, Lounge Pass offers a truly unique service that any frequent traveller is sure to appreciate. Situated away from the hustle and bustle, the featured lounges offer light refreshments and drinks, as well as a good Wi-Fi connection. If you want to gift an even more luxurious experience, you can give your loved ones access to some of the more exclusive lounges, so of which have game rooms, en-suite bedrooms, and even a mini-cinema!

Explore Lounge Pass

For that Special Someone


Fund Dream Trip MyTab.coLocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

19. Funds their trip through my

Make the dreams of your special someone come true by setting up a MyTab account for them. Make the first donation yourself, and encourage friends and family to contribute to the funding of their dream trip. Whether they’ve always wanted to escape to Thailand for a month or experience an African Safari, you can be the one who jump-started your loved ones’ dreams and made them a reality.

Learn more about


Surprise Getaway Booking Deals LocalBini BiniBlog Travel Gift Guide Ultimate

20. Surprise them with a Getaway

Have you always been talking about taking that weekend trip to Italy, but never actually done it? Did you both say you wanted to visit Iceland someday? Make that someday, one day by booking a surprise trip for your loved one. There are many websites out there offering complete travel packages including transport, accommodation, and even meals, at very good prices. So it wouldn’t take a lot to make your special someone truly happy.

Discover Travel Deals


LocalBini BiniBlog Gift Guide Christmas Ultimate Experience

21. Give them an Unforgettable Experience with LocalBini

Are you looking for a unique gift for your special someone? Do you want your gift to be one-of-a-kind? This Christmas, travel to Paris with your special someone and book an authentic Experience with one of LocalBini’s Remarkable Locals. You can join Nora, the photographer, on an Instagram-worthy excursion across Paris and learn how to take the best photographs at the best spots. Alternatively, you can explore Parisian rooftops with Tereza, or participate in a nude model drawing workshop with Flo Jo. Explore the many more options on the LocalBini App and book a unique Experience that you and your someone special will cherish forever.

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