The Ultimate 2017 Travel Bucket List

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The ultimate 2017 travel bucket list is here! Explore our list of 50 unique travel activities and ideas to get inspired for your next holiday:


  1. Go on a solo trip
  2. Go on a trip with your partner
  3. Go on a trip with your best friend
  4. Go on a trip with someone you don’t really know
  5. Go on a hiking trip
  6. Go on a trekking trip
  7. Go on a mountain climbing trip
  8. Go camping for a week
  9. Go on a road trip
  10. Visit a national park
  11. Hitchhike somewhere
  12. Cycle from one country to another
  13. Go on a spa and wellness retreat
  14. Go on a yoga retreat
  15. Go on a detox retreat
  16. Go on a bootcamp retreat
  17. Go on an eco-trip
  18. Go on a volunteer trip for a cause that’s important to you
  19. Go on a cruise
  20. Go on a mermaid holiday
  21. Go on a glamping experience
  22. Go island-hopping
  23. Try a medieval travel experience
  24. Book a 5* hotel and spend your entire holiday at the hotel
  25. Go on a safari or do an animal experience at your destination
  26. Go on a reading trip at a secluded destination alone with your favourite books
  27. Stay at an Airbnb in your own city
  28. Stay with a local at your destination
  29. Stay at a hostel
  30. Stay in a castle
  31. Stay at a theme park hotel
  32. Stay at a zoo
  33. Discover your destination by going on unique Experience with LocalBini
  34. Book an exotic all-inclusive holiday to somewhere you’ve never been before
  35. Go on a trip where you only eat foods you’ve never tried before
  36. Go on a street food trip eating only street market foods
  37. Go on a foodie trip around Europe picking destinations based on foods you want to try
  38. Go on a long trip taking only a backpack with you
  39. Go on a trip leaving your phone, tablet and computer behind
  40. Go on a trip without using wifi or 3G the entire time
  41. Go on a trip without doing any research beforehand about your destination
  42. Go to the airport, pick a destination and buy a ticket
  43. Buy a one-way ticket to a destination and improvise on your way back
  44. Go to a destination without having booked accommodation
  45. Book a mystery trip not knowing what your destination will be
  46. Book a mystery hotel not knowing which hotel you will be staying at
  47. Do 3-month courses to learn the local language before travelling somewhere
  48. Become friends with a local friend before travelling to your destination
  49. Start a postcard collection getting one from every place you visit
  50. Start a travel journal collecting memoirs from every trip you take


So what will you be adding to your 2017 travel bucket list? Let us know!

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