10 Amazing Wellness Retreats from Around the World

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Thinking about treating yourself to a wellness retreat? From mountain trekking to silent meditation, we’ve put together a list of the 10 most amazing retreats from around the world. Take your pick for some much-needed body and mind rejuvenation.


1. Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat- Nassau, Bahamas

As one of the nine Sivananda Ashram’s worldwide, this yoga retreat boasts “an ideal environment for peace, practice and rejuvenation“. Reset your body clock by waking up to the bright sound of the 5:30 a.m. bell. The day starts with a communal meditation session, followed by two two-hour long yoga sessions in the morning and in the evening. The package also includes freshly prepared vegetarian meals to energise and rejuvenate the body.  In addition to the yoga classes, participants also attend workshops, group chanting classes and pick from an array of Ayurvedic body and massage treatments.

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2. Sen Wellness Sanctuary- Netolpitiya, Sri Lanka

Treat your soul at this secluded wellness sanctuary in Sri Lanka. The sanctuary is ideally located in a National Park with the energetic rhythm of the Indian Ocean’s waves in the backdrop. Its location is only one of the things that render the sanctuary a perfect place for embarking on a journey of spiritual healing. The sanctuary offers personalised wellness packages, ranging from a 3-day “soul connection” break to a 14 day “new radiant you” revelationary experience. This experience is led by world-class osteopaths, yoga teachers, therapists, and even chefs, all of whom are bent on providing you with the most spiritually fulfilling experience possible. It’s everything you could possibly ask for from a wellness retreat.

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3. Wildfitness Food + Fit Retreat- Crete, Greece

Hosted by Wildfitness only once a year, this retreat is perfect for food lovers who want to restore balance in their body. The retreat takes place over the course of ten days in a small mountainous village in Crete called Milia. The aim of the retreat is to give people a better understanding of what goes on in our body. This is accompanied by an acquired appreciation for organic and locally sourced food, as the experience package includes an eclectic menu composed of authentic, healthy Cretan dishes. During their stay in the peaceful rustic village, participants attend daily seminars and workshops on nutrition. They also get to explore their idyllic surroundings by visiting local farms and collecting herbs, such as wild rosemary and thyme, during their foraging walks.

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4. The Gut Retreat- Cugó Gran, Menorca

The special “Gut retreat” is only hosted twice year. The retreat is managed by specialists with the nutritionist and author of “The Gut Makeover” Jeanette Hyde leading the way. The concept for the retreat is based on Hyde’s revelationary book that argues that the state of our gut is central to both our weight and our health. The retreat takes place at a luxurious, private 250-acre estate, with a stunning villa featuring all the services and amenities of a 5* hotel. Apart from an informative course on nutrition, the retreat also includes daily pilates sessions with a qualified teacher, as well as LI’TYA massage treatments by a dedicated masseuse.

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5. In:spa yoga, fitness and detox- Puyssentut, France

Enjoy a rejuvenating wellness stay at a renovated medieval chateau in the South of France. The charming chateau in the French countryside makes the perfect setting for a blissful detox getaway. Before arrival, you will be sent a questionnaire so that a truly tailored schedule can be created for you. The retreat places a strong emphasis on detox, giving you a detox presentation upon arrival, providing you with healthy juice boosters, and creating special cuisine meals that are intended to help your body detox from unhealthy substances. Additionally, daily activities range from guided hikes to deep tissue massages- the stuff all the best wellness getaways are made of.

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6. Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat- Baja, Mexico

Available only on selected dates, this retreat is perfect for a physically and mentally nourishing vacation. The retreat is located at Rancho La Puerta, one of the oldest and most prestigious health resorts in North America. The resort is, in fact, one of the world’s first “eco” health spas and is famous for its extensive organic garden and wonderfully scented grounds. It is offered as an all-inclusive package that comes wth morning yoga courses, hiking and fitness classes. Participants also have the opportunity join in on a variety of other classes, such as water aerobics and tai chi. Overall, the program is very goal-oriented. It promises particular results such as the raising of a certain sleep hormone and the lowering of a certain stress hormone. All in all, an ideal wellness package.

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7. Gaia House Meditation Retreats- Devon, England

Gaia House is a Buddhist Meditation Retreat Centre offering different types of silent meditations retreats. Options range from group retreats for beginners to advanced Dharma study courses for more expert practitioners. The goal of these retreats is to “free the mind and heart from confusion, self-centeredness and anguish“. The retreats are all held in silence, in order to raise the attention and awareness of the participants and deliver inner peace and calmness. The retreats are held every few weeks. Each one of them has a specific topic, such as “wholehearted living” or “the path of insight meditation”, as well as a specific difficulty level. All of the retreats are open to both Buddhists and Non-Buddhist, as they are not focused on religion but on inner exploration and discovery.

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8. Aro Hā Wellness Retreat- Glenorchy, New Zealand

Located in the south of New Zealand, Aro Hā offers a majestic view of the Southen Alps. The retreat promises a “next-level wellness experience” that will rejuvenate the human body and mind. This experience includes physically stimulating activities such as alpine hiking, vinyasa yoga and dynamic movement exercises. The atmosphere is friendly and interactive as participants are encouraged to connect with their environment, their bodies and each other. The retreat also promotes mindful eating through a nutrient-dense vegetarian menu that restores balance and helps the body detox. There are, approximately, 3 retreats per month, each one providing a distinctive “wellness adventure”.

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9. Mii Amo Retreats- Sedona, Arizona

This destination spa boasts an awe-inspiring setting, located amidst the red rock backdrop of Sedona. Its surroundings definitely spark a feeling of appreciation towards nature’s beauty. The spa itself is equally breathtaking, emulating the colours and character of its surroundings. Mii Amo offers several retreat packages throughout the year, all of which are led by experts in spirituality, rejuvenation and natural healing. Participants can also choose to combine their retreat with a personalised Mii Amo “journey”. Mii Amo journeys range from transformational wisdom to spiritual exploration, while participants also have the option to create their own unique customised journey.

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10. Ananda Resort- Himalayas, India

Ananda is a destination spa in Northern India that boasts an ideal setting. It is surrounded by the beautiful valley of Sal, while overlooking the Ganges river valley. Before selecting a package, participants have to identify their wellness goals, for example, detox or anti-ageing. The resort then matches them with their ideal package, outlining how this package will help them achieve their goals. From ayurvedic rejuvenation to yoga cleansing, the packages are expertly curated to help purify the mind and body. All in all, the resort promises a nurturing atmosphere with a holistic approach to wellness resulting from years of research and exploration.

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So, which is your pick for an ultimate wellness retreat?


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