9 Travel Packing Hacks to Live By

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Fact: Packing is stressful. There are just so many things to worry about. Did I pack too many clothes? Did I pack enough clothes? What if something breaks? Do I have enough space? What if my luggage is too heavy? To help make it stress-less we’ve put together a list of 9 travel packing hacks to live by!


  1. We can’t emphasise this enough: roll don’t fold! Pants, shirts, dresses, roll everything up and you’ll end up saving so much space.
  2. But what about wrinkles and creases? Mini steamers may be handy, but wrinkle release sprays are just dandy. It won’t work wonders but it’s quick, easy and works for most creases.
  3. Another space-saving tip: stuffing things in your shoes. Mainly socks and tights, you wouldn’t want to stuff a shirt in your shoes, would you?
  4. If you don’t want to stuff your socks in your shoes, how about stuffing your breakables in your socks? Use a double layer of socks for extra protection!
  5. Another thing you definitely want to avoid when travelling: exploding shampoo bottles. Placing a plastic wrap under the bottles’ cap is an easy fix for that. Travel in peace knowing you won’t open your suitcase to find your favourite top drenched in shampoo.
  6. If you love mini toiletries but don’t love how overpriced they are, then buy reusable mini toiletry bottles. The best part is that you’re not limited for choice.  You can fill them up with any shampoo or body wash you like!
  7. Another neat trick is putting your shoes in shower caps to keep the dirty soles from touching your clothes. You can buy cheap shower caps in packs and use them for that purpose. Just don’t mix them with the one you use on your hair!
  8. Does it make you feel anxious to imagine your valuables floating around somewhere in your suitcase? If you are the kind of person who wants to keep them where you can see them (and check in on them) a fanny pack might be your best option. If the word fanny pack is enough to make you cringe take a look at these super stylish fanny packs and you might just change your mind!
  9. It’s normal to want to shop when abroad, souvenirs, new clothes, all that. But if shopping in your mind translates to additional kilos then taking a portable scale with you will put your mind at ease. Weigh before you travel and you’ll never have to pay- for excess baggage that is.


But who says that travelling always involves packing? Discover unique experiences in your city with LocalBini and take a trip out of the ordinary- no packing needed.

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