Top 10 Adventure Holidays to take in Europe

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Europe is not the first place that comes to mind when you think of adventure holidays. So, you may be excused for thinking you have to venture elsewhere for an exciting adventure holiday. We are here to tell you otherwise! Beyond the museums and historical sites, Europe boasts rocky terrains, majestic mountains, and lively waters that will spike up your adrenaline levels and give you the adventure of a lifetime!



1. Spain: Safari Trip

Spain is more than tapas bars and sangria! Venture to Safari Aitana in Alicante for an unforgettable wildlife experience with animals from all around the world. Enjoy the beautiful view at 1000m high and see animals roaming free- not behind the bars of a zoo cage! You can even get up close to some of the animals. Ever petted an elephant?


2. Switzerland: Mountain Climbing

With so many mountains to chose from, Switzerland is undoubtedly a fantastic destination for mountain climbing. You will find many climbing centres near Zermatt calling on both beginners and experts to embark on a unique Alpine climbing adventure.



3. France: Ice Climbing

Venture to the French Alps to experience this unusual winter sport. Practice your skills with ice climbing classes in Chamonix before getting up close to the icy surface of the Alps.



4. Hiking: Sweden

Walking the legendary King’s Trail (Kungsleden) in Sweden is almost a rite of passage for adventure travellers. The 440km walking path takes you through some of Sweden’s most impressive mountains. Tackle it with friends if you want company, or alone for an epic solo adventure!



5. Scotland: Scuba Diving

Scotland is home to one of the best diving sites in the world. Dive in the Orkney to see the shipwreck of the German High Seas Fleet, which is now home to a rich marine life. It’s not only a spectacular adventure, it’s a history lesson too!



6. Greece: River Walk and Horse Riding

Perhaps you’ve gone horseback riding before, but have you ever gone horseback riding in a river? Explore the Acheron river in mainland Greece on the back of a horse. For a grande finale, dismount to bathe in the refreshing clear blue waters.



7. Austria: Rafting

Speaking of waters, Austria boasts the best river in Europe for white water rafting. Tyrol’s waters are suitable for everyone, from beginner level to extreme. You can enjoy a peaceful ride in the river to take in the beautiful landscape or you can challenge yourself with an extreme rafting experience.



8. England: National Park Stay

England has many beautiful national parks to choose from. There’s South Downs, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District, to name a few. You can camp in the parks with friends, book a cosy wood cabin for you and ayour special someone, or treat yourself to a castle stay!


9. Road Trip: Iceland

A road trip in Iceland is the stuff epic journeys are made of. There are many self-drive tour packages that tell you which routes to take depending on what you want to see. Valleys, glaciers and volcanoes- the Icelandic landscape is so mesmerising, you wouldn’t get tired of it even after hours of driving.


10. Cycling: Central Europe

Cycling in central Europe is a scrapwood-worthy adventure. You can choose a country to explore on your bike or you can make it your goal to visit a different country each day. Whether you go for it alone or with friends, a cycling tour of Europe is guaranteed to be an experience to remember.


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