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Want to make the most out of your visit to Switzerland? Check out our very Swiss bucket list to discover 21 unique activities to do in Switzerland!


1. Indulge in a cheesy fondue

Bread dipped into a hot pot of melted cheese… it’s no wonder the Swiss national dish is on the top of the list!


2. Treat yourself to a raclette

More interested in slathering your food with cheese rather than dipping it? The cheesy alternative to fondue, the raclette, is another famous Swiss Speciality!


3. Feast on a bratwurst with rosti

The signature dish of Eastern Switzerland consists of a meaty Bavarian sausage and fritter-style potatoes served with onion sauce. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Check out our list for the top 10 things to eat in Switzerland for more food inspiration!



4. Visit a chocolate factory

Switzerland is known for its chocolate. The names Toblerone and Lindt ring a bell? The local favourite, however, is the lesser known Läderach. Chocoholics are guaranteed to love its factory tour and chocolate experience.



5. Go on a watch factory tour

What makes the Swiss so punctual? Maybe it’s the fact that they have the best watches in the world. Discover the art of Swiss watchmaking with a unique watch factory tour.



6. Go cycling

Whether you’re into extreme mountain biking or casual strolling on a bicycle, Switzerland offers some incredible cycling routes through cities, valleys and, of course, the mountains!



7. Trekking, hiking or just walking

It’s one of the most scenic countries in the world, with innumerable paths, hilltops and mountains to explore on foot. So make sure to pack your hiking shoes!



8. Go skiing

Another must outdoor activity when is Switzerland is skiing. Boasting some of the best ski resorts in the world, Switzerland is a skier’s paradise.

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9. Ride on the steepest railway track in the world

The Mount Pilatus cogwheel railway is the steepest in the world, taking you from lush meadows to the rocky surface of the mountain. A bucket list item if there ever was one!



10. Take the cable car up or down a mountain

Taking a cable car up or down the mountain is one of the best ways to take in the gorgeous scenic views. It’s also an adrenaline rush if you’re not used to such heights!



11. Dine at a panoramic restaurant

You haven’t experienced dinner with a view until you’ve dined at one of Switzerland’s many panoramic restaurants. Food tastes sweeter when accompanied with a majestic view of the Swiss Alps.



12. Go on a scenic train ride

Another way to enjoy the beautiful view is to go on a scenic train ride! The Glacier Express is one of the most famous routes, passing by two major mountain resorts.



13. Walk on the highest suspension bridge in Europe

At 170 meters long and 100 meters high, the Trift bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps and the highest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in Europe! Do you dare cross it?



14. Visit the largest plain waterfall in Europe

Switzerland also holds the record for the largest plain waterfall in Europe. A visit to Rhine Falls is definitely worth it- you can even opt for a boat ride to experience it up close!

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15. Go swimming in a lake

Depending on where you’re from, you might shiver at the prospect of swimming in a lake. But, with lakes in Switzerland being so clean, swimming and other water activities in the lakes are a norm. So, don’t hesitate- the clear water awaits!



16. Swim in an outdoor thermal pool

Imagine bathing in warm water with a magnificent view of the Swiss mountains and snowflakes falling all around you. This is what you can expect from a visit to one of Switzerland’s majestic thermal pools.

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17. Try Paragliding

With scenic views and lots of mountain tops to “glide” off, it’s no wonder paragliding is so common in Switzerland. Care to give it a go? No experience necessary!



18. Get the cow experience

A cow experience in Switzerland is a must. Whether it’s a farm visit, a cow trekking experience or a cattle show, there are plenty of ways to get up close with this emblematic animal.



19. Walk a St. Bernard

St. Bernard dogs are big in Swiss culture as they were bred specifically to rescue people from the snowy mountains. A foundation devoted to St. Bernard’s gives you the unique opportunity to take one of these cuddly dogs for a walk.



20. Play the Alphorn 

The 3.5m long wooden horn is not just decorative- it produces great music! Discover the beauty of the Switzerland’s signature instrument, traditionally used by farmers to communicate in remote alpine regions, by catching a free concert or even signing yourself up for lessons!



21. See the Matterhorn

If the name doesn’t ring a bell maybe the image of the mountain on the Toblerone packaging will. See it, climb it, live it!


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