6 ways to feel at home wherever you go

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Whether you’re a frequent business traveller or an adventurous globetrotter, missing home can be a real downer when on the road. Luckily, there are some easy DYI hacks to make you feel at home wherever you go!


1. Carry a mini scent diffuser

Smell is one of the most powerful means for triggering memories and past emotions.  So much in fact that it can cause you to feel emotions you associate with a particular memory. That’s why taking a mini bottled version of a scent diffuser you use at home is an easy hack for carrying those feelings of “homeyness” wherever you go.


2. Take your favourite pillow/blanket/ comfy item with you

Comfiness is key when on the road. So taking your favourite item with you is a fail-safe way to feel at ease wherever you go. Whether it’s a woolly blanket, a soft pillow or your favourite fluffy slippers, take something that makes you feel as safe and comfortable as you do when at home.


3. Carry your own toiletries with you

Whether you are high-maintenance or low-maintenance, you probably have a morning routine you’ll want to keep up. And there’s no reason you have to do it with standardised hotel products. Bottling up your own toiletries and taking them with you on your travels is a great way to maintain your beauty routine and feel like yourself wherever you go.


4. Bring your tunes

Whether you’re into classical music, soothing ocean sounds or funky pop songs, you can take your music with you on your travels. You can listen to it on your iPod or carry a portable wireless speaker and blast it up in your hotel room (just as long as you’re not bothering the other guests!).


5. Pack your favourite food item

What’s your favourite snack? If it’s something you can’t do without, then take it with you! Power bar, chocolate or dried fruit, having your favourite snack with you will keep your energy levels up and give you warm feelings of nourishment to make you feel like home!


6. Take your hobbies with you

Whatever it is you love to do, try to take it, or a version of it, with you. Pack your favourite book, stream a beloved series, take your drawing pad along. Of course, some hobbies are more portable than others. But even if you’re a passionate basketball player you can listen to live podcasts of games or watch a documentary about the sport’s history.


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