5 ways to get the most out of your holiday vacation

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Regardless of whether you are travelling or going home for the holidays, chances are you are facing the pressure of “making the most out of your holidays”. It’s what you’ve been waiting for: time off, relaxation, seasonal festivities. It can be hard to deal with the pressure of making each day memorable. If this “obligation to have fun” is stressing you out, check out our five ways to get the best out of your holidays and you’ll be all set for a memorable vacation.


1. Moderate your Expectations

I’m not saying do not have any expectations- it is the holidays after all. But, make sure you don’t overhype them and build up unrealistic expectations in your head. Nostalgia goggles make everything look better, but how much fun did you really have at that New Year’s party last year? While it’s nice to look forward to what’s to come, try to start your vacation with as little expectation as possible. That way, there will be nowhere to go but up.


2. Have a Plan and Don’t have a Plan

If experience has taught us anything is that while being spontaneous on the holidays is great, desperately trying to find any place that is not fully booked for New Year’s Eve is not that great. That’s why it’s better to have a plan, at least on the “big holiday” days. Think, in advance, about what you want to do and make your arrangements to make it happen. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean you ought to plan out all of your vacation days beforehand. Make plans for the things you really want to do, but, as for the rest of it, just go with the flow. A flexible schedule means being open to any amazing opportunities that come up. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to go on a road trip to the mountains just because you already planned to go to the hairdresser at 10 and to the spa at 12.


3. Surround yourself by people who make you happy

Sure, a holiday group reunion might sound fun, but do you really want to spend the afternoon with that nosy old friend who is constantly trying to find out how much money you are making? If you don’t have that much time off, take advantage of it by spending it with the people who truly make you happy. You might feel obligated to meet with everyone: your great-aunt, your high-school friend you’ve since lost touch with, your old piano teacher, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to choose who you want to spend time with. So, this holiday, make sure you surround yourself with the people you care about: the ones who truly love you and who make you feel at home.


4. Don’t be afraid of missing out

With so much going on during the holidays, you might find yourself going from party to party only to realise that this is not how you really wanted to spend your holidays. While the FOMO (fear of missing out) may be real, is it worth missing out on what you really wanted to do during your holidays? Try to be as selective as possible when choosing the events you want to go to, and remember that quality time with your family and friends at home is just as much, if not more, meaningful.


5. Do something unique

Because all great stories start with: “remember that time we….?” If you want to make your holidays truly memorable try to find something unique and out of the ordinary to do. Upholding traditions is good, but creating new traditions is even better. Do something you had never considered doing in the past- perhaps, even something that scares you. The memories of a lifetime lie just outside your comfort zone.


Ultimately, the key to having the best vacation is: don’t force it. Go with the flow and let the fun come to you.

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