5 Tips for Staying Fit While Travelling

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Staying fit while travelling tends not to be a priority for many. But, if you are a gym bunny, currently training for a professional sport, or just love to exercise, the idea of travelling long-term can seem slightly daunting. You have possibly been training for months, maybe years, to attain the body shape, endurance level, and core strength, you’ve always desired. It can feel like you are abandoning the routine you have worked so hard to acquire. But trust me, it doesn’t have to be like this. Staying active whilst travelling is challenging but in a good way. It fills the mind with determination, the body with strength, and the soul with fulfilment. In this article, I will give you some personal tips based on my own experiences and the advice of my frequently travelling friends.



1. Independent Workout

If you are someone that is into high-intensity workouts, you do not have to stop just because you are travelling. You can always find a way and a place to exercise if you are motivated enough. For example, you can search for a nice park or a gym in the area you are staying in. Or, if you are staying at a hotel, you can always check in advance to see if it has a gym, a swimming pool, or offers other fitness facilities. If you are already following a fitness programme you can do anywhere, you are all set. Otherwise, you can innovate and create your own workouts on-the-go. There are also many Apps out there, such as My Road Workout, that can help you discover workout routines for the road.



2. Travel Yoga with Adriene

Practising yoga is a well-established way of relaxing, unwinding, and connecting your mind with your body. This makes yoga the ideal form of exercise for releasing tension after a long day of travelling. Whether you are an experienced yogi or just curious about yoga practice, there are many YouTube channels, such as Yoga with Adriene, where you can find free yoga videos for people of all abilities. Adriene’s Yoga on the Road series is especially useful as it has been created especially for travellers! It consists of not too lengthy videos that will help restore your body to a balanced and peaceful state, while on the road. The best part is that no equipment is necessary! You can simply take a towel and place it at your desired place of practice – be it a park, or by a lake, or simply your hotel room, and get started. Alternatively, if you are not too pressed for time, you could attend a real live yoga class at your destination!




3. Walk or run around the city you are in

The great news for those of you who enjoy cardio is that you can do it anywhere! In fact, travelling can even be a way to pump up your cardio workout, since, when travelling, you tend to walk around a lot more than usual. Take this to the next level and make it your goal to see as much of the city as you can on foot. It won’t even feel like exercise! This way you’ll get to see much more than if you were closed up in one those hop-on-hop-off tour buses. Make a plan to jog by all the city’s important monuments, or simply leave the map behind and lose yourself at your destination. Who knows what you will discover!

If you do not feel like running alone you could always join in on an organised walking or running tour. You’ll be surprised to discover that a lot of cities offer them now, as they are becoming more and more in demand.

If you are in Paris, be sure to book a “See sights and run” experience with professional coach Denis. Download the LocalBini App on Android or iOS and discover all of Paris’s must-sees, while getting your cardio fix.



4. Immerse yourself in local activities

A fun and easy way to stay fit whilst you are travelling is to search for physically “demanding” local activities. This can be anything from taking tango lessons in Argentina, to hiking in Switzerland, to rowing in Canada, or even snowkiting in Germany. You can always find some form of physical activity specific to your destination. All you have to do is check a tourist board, do a Google search, or even ask the locals. The benefits of immersing yourself in these local activities are triple. It’s a way for you to get in touch with the local culture, and you get to meet the locals and travellers from all around the world. Most importantly, you get to stay fit and healthy while travelling.



5. Eat Consciously

Eating healthily is always a struggle, especially when you are travelling. When you are away from home, you tend to give yourself a “pass”. You try to taste as many local specialities as possible and indulge in any delicious treats that cross your path unthinkingly.

But, if you are determined to maintain your healthy lifestyle and make smart food choices, you can stay fit even when on the road. When dining at local restaurants, try to avoid the touristy ones and seek out the ones preferred by locals. Not only are touristy restaurants more expensive, but they tend to “stock” up on cheap ingredients. This means that the ingredients they use are less likely to be fresh, organic, or of a good quality. Also, when choosing among dishes try to pick out dishes that contain proteins, vegetables, and starches, as they will keep your energy levels high. It is also key to remain hydrated, especially if you are travelling in a country with a high temperature.

But, even if staying fit is your priority you don’t have to be healthy 100% of the time. You can stay in shape even if you are eating healthily 80% of the time and indulging yourself 20% of the time. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about finding the right balance. And do not forget that the healthier you are, the more travelling you can do and the more adventures you can go on!



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