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He is a man of many talents. He is a voyageur, a musician, an adventurer, a cartoon producer and a martial arts master. He lived in five countries, and visited over 30 countries; he is a true global citizen. You can get drunk on his music without consuming alcohol, yet his words of wisdom sometimes require just a few cocktails to be fully digested. He is known all over Paris for his music, and is currently working at Club Raye as a pianist. He is my ever so talented friend, Maurizio Mariscoli.  


  • Could you please share your passion with us?

I have been playing the piano all my life. I started at the age of six, and then I got to know classical, jazz and contemporary music along the way. I love everything about music, and I am always open to learning more about it. 


  • Would you say you fulfil your passion for a living?

Oh yes, definitely! I started to play piano at the age of six, and have not stopped since then. I’ve worked with all kinds of people, even rock bands. I like to mix things up a bit. If an opportunity presents itself, I jump on it. I’ve actually worked in the cartoon industry as well. I also took part in the production of WingsClub seasons 5 and 6 and wrote the subtitles in both Italian and English. Producing cartoons was not something I intended to do, but after learning about it in film school, I became very interested in it. It opened the door to meeting passionate people and gaining more connections.


  • How many countries have you visited?

I have visited countries all around the world: Russia, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia … I have also visited quite a few Latin American countries: Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Peru. Last but not least, I’ve also visited  Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the UAE. In total, I would say I have visited in about 30 countries, and have lived in about five!


  • Do you enjoy travelling for your career? How is it different from staying in one place?

My life and my career are all about travelling and meeting new people. For me, the most important part of travelling is getting to know the local language and culture. Once you are comfortable with the language and culture, your journey becomes much more enjoyable, and it becomes easier to get in touch with the locals. As a matter of fact, some of the people I met during my previous travels became my friends for life!

Although my lifestyle involves a lot of travelling, I do stay in the same place from time to time. It is just that I enjoy travelling so much; it’s an endless opportunity for learning. Every day you wake up in the morning, you learn something new about the city and the place you are in.


  • What is your favourite city? Can you tell us your next destination?

I would have to say that my favourite city is Istanbul, Turkey. It is a beautiful, historical, and very culturally diverse city. The locals are also extremely kind. I visited it in September 2015, and it has so far been my favourite destination! As for my next stop, it will probably be New York for career reasons.


  • As an experienced traveller, what tips would you give to other travellers?

These are the key tips I would give to other travellers: 

#1 Do a lot of research before going to a new place. It will help you understand the place better and help you bond with the locals. 

#2 Make an effort to learn the language. This is key to connecting with the locals.

#3 Ask questions to get to know their culture. Do not hesitate to express your interest.

#3 Be cautious. Be prepared for unexpected occurrences, and trust your 6th sense.

#5 Live in the moment.



  • At LocalBini, we believe that people you meet are what you remember the most. They are the ones who turn your trip into a memorable experience. Who are the people who have had the greatest impact on you in your previous travels?

I never travel with a guide, never. When I travel, I travel alone, as I value making connections with the locals. For instance, last June I went to the Philippines without knowing anyone there. I formed a connection with a local when I shared with them my passion for the martial arts, and they hosted me for the entirety of my trip.

It would be impossible for me to recount all the people I have met who have had an impact in my life. I feel that there are so many, I could write an entire book about it. I am not kidding, I write novels about my journeys, and will definitely share the latest one with you once it is finished! There is, however, one motto that I would like to share with the readers of this article: “Wherever you are, be there with all your heart.“


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