Discover Robin Kipp’s Passion for Life (Part Three)

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Robin Kipp, a student at the University of Monaco who has unique talents, has some final thoughts to share on travelling, meeting new people, and making unforgettable memories.


  • Does your passion involve travelling and meeting people from around the world?

Yes, certainly! First of all, I am currently studying abroad. I am originally from Germany but moved to Monaco to study, which has been a wonderful experience. Also, as I pointed out earlier, my best friend Ryan and I spend a lot of time travelling to DJ in different countries. Visiting and exploring different countries is amazing, and it is simply incredible to see how people have reacted to our music. I have some unforgettable memories from those experiences! But I want to create more. Once I graduate from university, I’d like to spend more time exploring and performing in different countries.


  • How much do you value travelling? What does it mean to you?

I think that travelling, or even living in a foreign country for a long period of time, is one of the best ways of spending one’s time. The experiences I made while travelling, the amazing people I met along the way, and the cultures I experienced have left a very deep impression on me. So, I would say that travelling and exploring the world is a must for me. The learning opportunities are endless.

  • At LocalBini, we believe that people you meet are what you remember the most. They are the ones that turn your trip into a memorable experience. Who are the people who have had the greatest impact on you in your previous travels?

Well, first of all, I’d like to say that I completely agree with your statement, that people you meet are the ones who turn your trip into a memorable experience. During my travels, there were certainly a lot of people who impacted me in one way or another, many of which I’m still in contact with today. So, it’s quite tough to single out just a few.

What I distinctly remember is a trip to Spain, where I went with Ryan and some of my other friends. At the time, we had just completed our DJ training in New York. We were pretty much ready to play a gig but hadn’t actually performed in front of a large audience yet. As we were staying at a hotel that also happened had a club, one night we came across some of the DJs who were playing there. We talked a few times and as we got along very well, we slowly built up the courage to ask if we could DJ there for a night. Luckily, they agreed to give us a try. Just like that a few days after we found ourselves on stage at the hotel club! The crowd was amazing, they really seemed to enjoy our music, and the atmosphere was just epic! That was definitely an unforgettable experience for both of us. It made us realise that learning to DJ was more than worth the effort, and proved that we could give people the kind of music they wanted to hear. Overall, it gave us a lot of confidence in what we were doing, and encouraged us to push forward and actively search for more gig opportunities. This was how everything started. Thanks to a few guys who decided to give us a chance; who believed that we could live up to the challenge.

So yes, I completely agree that the people you meet on your travels can have a wonderful impact on you. In my case, they helped me materialise my passion for music, and give people the time of their life in the process.

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