5 Tips for a perfect Winter Getaway

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Have you always dreamed about the perfect winter getaway? One where the cold doesn’t get to you and you have the time of your life exploring an ultimate winter vacation spot? If yes, then keep on reading! We have put together a list of our 5 top tips for enjoying a winter getaway so perfect, it will put your summer escapades to shame.


1. Don’t go chasing the sun

While you might be tempted to break away from the cold with a warm tropical escapade, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy unique seasonal experiences at your destination. You can have mojitos by the pool anytime of the year if you know where to go, but having a warm and cheesy fondue at a Swiss chalet by the fireplace is definitely a winter thing. So is winter bathing in Copenhagen and ski touring in Austria. So, why chase the sun when winter is as much, if not more, fun?


2. Don’t skimp on accommodation

You know that feeling when you return to your warm home after a long day out in the cold? That’s a feeling you will be looking for when you are travelling in the winter, trust me. While during any other time of the year you might be content with any old room that is not visibly unclean and offers the basic amenities, wintertime is different. At winter, you need cosiness and homeyness. You need a comfy bed and a warm room to come back to. So when you are looking for accommodation, be open to paying a bit more than you would normally would for a comfortable and well-heated room. That way you will still have a warm place to come home to at the end of the day.


3. Layer up

Another travel rule I would advise you to break for your winter getaway is packing light. Instead, I’d say pack heavy: your puffiest coat, your woolliest scarf, your thickest gloves… You don’t want your day out to be ruined because you were too worried about your fingers freezing off. And worse, you don’t want to get sick and end up missing your vacation. So, before you head out to discover your destination make sure you layer up. Put on your warmest and comfiest clothes and you’ll be all set for a day of unhindered exploration.


4. Stay Active

It might be tempting to spend your vacation time huddled up inside a cosy teahouse, but think about everything you’d be missing out on! Try to stay as active as possible by involving yourself in all kinds of activities, from a late-night lantern walking tour of the city, to toboggan runs, to amusement park roller coasters. Get your blood going, and you’ll feel warmer in no time!


5. Opt for Warm Meals

While that ice-cream may look delicious, how about swapping it for a molten chocolate lava cake? To stay warm on the inside, as well as on the outside, opt for food that will keep you warm. Having the soup of the day is a great way to keep warm and, (in most cases), enjoy the fresh local produce. Warm beverages are also a great way of keeping the cold away: from tea to hot chocolate to eggnog, the winter season offers some delicious warm beverage options. You can enjoy them at a cosy café, or on-the-go. Feel the warmth spread through you as you sip on a warm beverage while out exploring the town.


So, are you ready for a perfect winter getaway? The weather outside might be frightful, but travelling is so delightful. You just have to make the most of it.

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