6 Foodie Adventure Trips in Europe for a Delectable Getaway [Part One]

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Looking for inspiration for a unique getaway? Embark on a delectable food journey in Europe’s top destinations! Take a look at our list of 6 unique foodie adventures that will delight your taste buds and help you discover a new culture in the process.


foodie, adventure, local, experience, local, guide, honey, slovenia, bees, bee-keeping, honey, vineyard, France, wine, countryside, chateaux

  1. Go on a Vineyard Tour in the South of France

Explore the French Riviera and become a wine connoisseur during one epic road trip that takes you through the South of France’s best vineyards.

Your journey starts on a beautiful hilltop, just outside the city of Nice, at The Domaine des Hautes Collines. Discover this quaint family vineyard run by Georges Rasse who combines his passion for wine and art by adding his own artwork to his wine bottles. Enjoy delicious wine and panoramic views of the French Riviera, before heading to your second destination: the Château de Berne.

Château de Berne is a local favourite and is known for the delicate red, white, and rosé wine it produces. Located in the midst of a 500-acre forest, the vineyard truly offers an escape from the ordinary.

Your final stop leads you towards Saint-Tropez, to the village of Lorgues, where Chateau Roubine awaits. Learn what makes Roubine wine the finest in the region and hear about the sustainable agricultural practices that lie at the heart of their wine-making practice.


foodie, adventure, local, experience, local, guide, honey, slovenia, bees, bee-keeping, honey, honeycomb

2. Embark on Slovenia’s Honey Trail

According to an old Slovenian saying, beekeeping is the “poetry of agriculture”. Beekeeping lies at the heart of Slovenian culture, dating back to the 16th century. In fact, Slovenia is actually the only country to have protected its indigenous bee race, the grey bee. Embark on the country’s famous honey trail to uncover the country’s unique honey culture and taste delicious honey-based treats, including honey biscuits, honey bee-shaped chocolates, and even honey wine.

Your journey starts in Radovljica, the centre of Slovenia’s bee tourism. There, you will get the chance to taste artisanal honey of different varieties and flavours, such as maple, wild cherry, and dandelion. Also, make sure you visit the famous Lectar restaurant to see local bakers prepare delicious honey-bread hearts, locally known as lectarstvo.

Next, venture to the Cesar Marko honey bee family-run farm. Learn about the history of bee-keeping from experts, and drink the farm’s one-of-a-kind sparkling chestnut honey-based wine.

Finally, an exploration of Slovenia’s bee culture would not be complete without a visit to one of Slovenia’s apicamps. You can attend a lecture on honey production, learn about Queen breading, and even learn how to extract royal jelly!

One thing’s for sure: by the end of your trip, you will have innumerable bee-keeping fun facts to share with your friends and family back home.


Fjord, Norway, Fish, Trout, Salmon, Lake, fishing, fisherman, nature, foodie, adventure, local, experience, local, guide, honey, slovenia, bees, bee-keeping, honey

3. Go on a fishing holiday in Norway

Discover Norway’s stunning natural scenery and become a fishing expert, all as part of one action-packed holiday! With access to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the sheltered waters of the Fjords, Norway is a fishing lover’s paradise.

Your adventure starts at the Lofoten archipelago, home to the world’s largest seasonal cod fishery. You can rent your own boat to fish, or join a guided fishing tour. Enjoy the serenity of fishing in the crystal clear waters, surrounded by snow-covered mountains. At the end of your excursion, you can enjoy freshly-caught cod in one of the area’s delicious seafood restaurants.

Next, venture to Trøndelag, in central Norway, where thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams await! Picture forest-draped valleys surrounded by rugged mountain tops. The area is ideal for trout, Arctic char, and salmon fishing.

Finally, embark on the Atlantic road to discover one of the area’s many fishing bridges. We recommend stopping by Myrbærholm bridge where anglers from all around the world gather to fish. Go for the fish, and stay for the stunning views of the archipelago on one of the most beautiful roads in the world.


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