3 Unbeatable Local Experiences to Soak up Europe’s Culture

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Culture, history, architecture… these are just some of the reasons Europe is an unbeatable travel destination. The best way for you to immerse yourself in Europe’s rich historical fabric? Embarking on unique excursions with locals who will share secrets and insider stories from their city’s past with you.

Whether that’s an architecture walk, a historic excursion, or an art-filled exploration, discover these authentic local experiences that will help you get to the heart of your destination’s culture and past!

Discover Edinburgh’s Georgian Architectural History

The city of Edinburgh’s rich history is visible in its distinctive architectural style. So, take advantage of the unique opportunity to discover it than with a local architecture enthusiast by your side.

Join a local for an invigorating heritage walk that will give you the insider scoop on Europe’s largest area of Georgian buildings, including a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By the end of it, you will gain a deeper understanding of the distinctive architectural style that has shaped the city of Edinburgh and given it its fairy-tale like appearance. And you will make friends with a fellow architect enthusiast in the process!

Discover Edinburgh’s Georgian Architectural Heritage


Uncover Prague’s Classical Art Treasures

Prague is not only a city steeped in history but also a goldmine city for classical art treasures. To uncover them all, join a local art enthusiast for a day of artful discovery. Together you will check out beautiful works of art and get to the heart of the city’s past.

Hear about the influence of the city’s history on its classical art scene, as well as its transformation throughout the years. A great way to learn about the city’s past and delight your inner artist!

Uncover Prague’s Classical Art Treasures


Go Horseback Riding in Ancient Rome

Go back in time with this unique horseback excursion in the heart of ancient Rome! Discover the ruins of the Roman Empire on the back of a horse and see the city from a unique perspective with a local by your side.

Embarking on this unique archaeological horse-riding trail, you will discover the secrets of the Roman Empire with a friendly local. The grand finale of this one-of-a-kind experience?  Venturing to a pinewood forest in the outskirts of Rome for a peaceful horseback ride in nature. Do we hear a yes, please?!

Go Horseback Riding in Ancient Rome


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