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5 Alternative Bars to Visit in Paris

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Want to discover the alternative side of Parisian nightlife? Of course, what most people look for in a bar is pretty standard: good ambience, good drinks, good crowd. But every now and then you need something more than “good”- a break out of the ordinary. Here are 5 bars that will give you just that!



1. Batofar

Party on a boat? Why not. Docked in the eastern part of the city, Batofar is a boat-turned bar and nightclub. The space below the deck has been remodelled into a nightclub that hosts international DJs on a regular basis. Above deck, there is a terrace offering refreshing drinks with a beautiful view of the Seine. Whether you’re looking for an intense dancing session or chilled drinks with friends, a night out in Batofar will be one to remember.

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2. Le Comptoir Général

This hidden gem near trendy Saint Martin, Le Comptoir Général, is a bar unlike any other. Set in an old barn, the bar calls itself a number of things such as a “ghetto museum” and a “true urban amusement park”. It has many different rooms, all of which have themes such as barber shop or public library. Affordable cocktails, endless discovery- this is what you can expect from a night at Le Comptoir Général!

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3. Ice Kube Bar

The very first ice bar in Paris, the Ice Kube Bar is beautifully decorated with ice carvings, impressive sculptures and colourful illuminations. Visitors of the bar are given jackets and gloves as they sip their tasty cocktails in arctic temperatures. Drinks are vodka-based and the music is custom-made. An experience as unique as they come.

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4. La Lucha Libre

La Lucha Libra, which literally translates to “freestyle wrestling” is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter. What makes this Mexican bar special is not only its vibrant and colourful decorations but the wrestling matches taking place in the basement! Patrons with sumo suits, barmen in masks giving tequila shots, not your ordinary night out!

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5. Rosa Bonheur

Named after the 19th-century French sculptor and painter Rosa Bonheur, this bar has a relaxed ambience in the early evening with things heating up later on in the night. The bar is located in the heart of the Buttes Chaumont park, a beautiful hilltop park with waterfalls and a faux-Roman temple. While its expansive terrace makes it perfect for the summer, the bar is popular all year around with theme nights, cinema scéances and “electronic” encounters. The bar is said to embody the values of the artist is it named after, encouraging conviviality, tolerance and a liberated spirit.

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