Monthly Scoop: February 2017

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These are the top 10 stories in travel news this month:

  1. This multi-functional jacket promises to be the end of hand luggage. Learn more.

  2. Cyclist returns from a four-year tour of the world’s most remote places to have his bike stolen in London. Lear more.

  3. Woman travels to all the countries in the world in record time. Learn more.

  4. Italian hotel gives refugees the chance to show off their culinary skills by helping prepare menu for guests. Learn more.

  5. AirBnb continues its expansion to luxury by buying Montreal-based luxury retreats. Learn more.

  6. Companies in the travel industry are increasingly investing in artificial intelligence. Learn more.

  7. Solar-powered trains might be a reality sooner than expected. Learn more.

  8. Travel website, Skyscanner, analyses data to reveal the cheapest months to travel. Learn more.

  9. Scientists discover underwater continent two-thirds the size of Australia. Learn more.

  10. Wine and coffee bar doubles as a travel agency giving holidaymakers a chance to book their vacation over a glass of wine. Learn more.


And on other news…LocalBini has just launched in Lisbon! From urban sketching to an aeroplane tour check out the unique Experiences LocalBini is offering in Lisbon.

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