Monthly Scoop: December 2016

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These are the top 10 stories in travel news this month:

  1. Snow falls in Sahara for the first time in nearly forty years. Full Story.

  2. Mount Everest Base Camp to get a makeover with helipad, hotel, and museum. Full Story.

  3. Russian entrepreneur reveals plans to create real-life hunger games in Syberia. Full Story.

  4. China to build an invisible bridge at 300 metres high. Full Story.

  5. Dubai set to build the world’s largest airport. Full Story.

  6. An interactive tourism map reveals the most visited attractions worldwide. Full Story.

  7. Instagram announces the most geotagged cities for 2016. Full Story.

  8. Flickr’s top pictures from 2016 definitively ranked. Full Story.

  9. Bugaboo unveils its Boxer pushable luggage that is expected to make the life of travellers much easier. Full Story.

  10. Futurist predicts what the hotels of 2060 will look like. Full Story.

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