Monthly Scoop: January 2017

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These are the top 10 stories in travel news this month:


  1.  Australia plans to make travel documents obsolete by 2020. Learn more.

  2. Emirates to provide first-class passengers with seaweed-infused pyjamas. Learn more.

  3. New Hilton Hotels chain, Tapestry, offers an independent hotel experience. Learn more.

  4. 25 new worldwide attractions are set to open in 2017. Learn more.

  5. World’s largest airline to introduce “basic economy” airfare that will provide even less than standard economy. Learn more.

  6. Qatar Airways is offering $0 golden airfare tickets for destinations around the world to lucky finders. Learn more.

  7.  There is a  futuristic suitcase that has a 7000-people waiting list. Learn more.

  8. Free Drinks at Las Vegas casinos might soon be history. Learn more.

  9. A tourist returns a stolen cobblestone from Rome along with a heartfelt apology note. Learn more.

  10. Deloitte predicts greater customisation for the future of hotels. Learn more.


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