Monthly Scoop: November 2016

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These are the top 10 stories in travel news this month:

  1. Air New Zealand is announced as Airline of the Year for 2017. Full story.

  2. Italian hotel offers free accommodation to guests who conceive there. Full story.

  3. Disneyland, Hong Kong plans to open an entire “frozen-themed” area as part of a $1.4 billion development plan. Full story.

  4. An Argentinian man single-handedly built a medieval village out of recycled material on top of a former landfill, just outside Buenos Aires. Watch the video.

  5. China’s longest and highest glass bridge closes just 13 days after opening, due to high demand. Watch the video.

  6. A direct commercial flight from the U.S. to Cuba is resumed after over half a century. Full Story.

  7. Ryan Air has a plan to offer free flights across Europe in the future. Full Story.

  8. Airbnb officially announces its new “Experiences” Feature (but ours are better 😉 ). Full Story.

  9.  Virtual Reality travel offers are on the rise, allowing travellers to travel without ever leaving their home. Full Story.

  10. Micro-hotels are taking over in travel accommodation, offering travellers a uniquely chic and affordable stay. Full Story.

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