Monthly Scoop: October 2016

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These are the top 10 stories in travel news this month:

  1. Canada has been named as the top travel destination of 2017. Full story.

  2. Airports are making it easier for travellers to take their beloved pets with them. Full story.

  3. It will soon be possible to travel from New York to Los Angeles in only 3 hours with these futuristic pods. Full story.

  4. Mickey Mouse is turning 88 this year and he will be celebrating by travelling all around the world. Follow his Instagram and Facebook accounts to find out well he will be going and greet him at his next destination. Full story.

  5. Iceland has topped the list as the top luxury adventure destination. Full story.

  6. It is now possible to visit the Pope’s private summer vacation home. Full story.

  7. Air India makes a “slight” change to its Delhi to San Fransisco flight to break the record for world’s longest flight. Full story.

  8. Couch-surfing takes on a whole new meaning as the new Lamzac Hangout makes it possible for travellers to travel with their own portable couch. Fully story.

  9. Adventure travel company specializing in trekking launches “women-only” adventure trips. Fully story.

  10. A 16-day luxury cruise takes passengers to six secret destinations, giving them riddles to guess where they are going. Fully story.

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