Monthly Scoop: September 2016

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These are the top 10 stories in travel news this month:

  1. Free public Wi-Fi might be coming to Europe sooner than you think. Full story.

  2. Is it your dream to travel the world? You can now do it for only $ 1,160. Full story.

  3. NASA reveals future plans for airplanes faster than the speed of sound.Full story.

  4. Libyan airline gives boy free flights for life after being born mid-air. Full story.

  5. British man takes seven flights to travel from Gatwick, London to Scotland, for the sole purpose of earning airline points. Full story.

  6. New App helps nervous flyers by predicting flight turbulence. Full story.

  7. Virtual technology is expected to change the face of travelling, from helping travellers experience their destination before visiting it, to replicating unfordable travel experiences. Full story.

  8. Futuristic Catamaran is set to change the face of Ocean Travel by going around the globe powered solely by solar, wind, and self-generated hydrogen. Full story.

  9. Company launches “readable” luggage that allows users to track its location and doubles as an electric motorcycle. Full story.

  10. Portugal takes Paris’s spot as the hottest European shopping destination. Full story.

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