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Monthly Scoop: September 2016

These are the top 10 stories in travel news this month: Free public Wi-Fi might be coming to Europe sooner than you think. Full story. Is it your dream to travel the world? You can now do it for…

BiniBlog Olympic Games 2016 Essential Facts Rio de Janeiro

20 Essential Facts about the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games 2016 are just around the corner, and chances are you will be needing a refresher course on this grand International Sporting Event. That is why we have put together a list of the 20 most essential…

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European Championship 2016: Wrap-Up

The European Championship 2016 is finally over. Portugal is the reigning champion, and overall, the tournament has been a great success. The Underdogs have shined, tears have been shed, and nationals have won over the hearts of many. Not…

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Euro 2016 Semi-Final: Portugal Vs. Wales (Part Two)

It is an epic evening in Stade de Lyon. The kick-off for the Euro 2016 Semi-Final has just taken place. Portugal is playing against Wales and there is no telling what will happen. Following the kick-off, I notice that…

BiniBlog Euro 2016 France Portugal

Euro 2016 Final: A Preview

It is time. In just a couple of days, Portugal will be facing France in the final of the Euro 2016; the day we have been waiting for is finally upon us. Two of Europe’s best football teams will…