5 Best Restaurants in Zurich to try Authentic Swiss Cuisine

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Zurich, the culture capital of Switzerland, is evidently a culinary hotspot for anyone wishing to discover the taste of authentic Swiss cuisine. But, before I go ahead to present some of Zurich’s most renowned restaurants, let me give a brief and necessary introduction to what constitutes Swiss Cuisine.


Swiss gastronomy is primarily characterised by its use of top quality local ingredients, mainly cheese, veal, and potatoes. Cheese is definitely a recurring ingredient in most traditional Swiss dishes. The most renowned dish, the Fondue, is made up of melted cheese flavoured with kirsch, served as a warm dip with bread or potatoes. Another famously cheesy dish is the Raclette: melted Alpine cheese served with pickles, bread, and potatoes. And let’s not forget the Rösti, which consists of grated fried potatoes enriched with cheese, bacon, and onion. Veal, another main ingredient, can be found in the excellent local sausages and the regional speciality Züri Gschnätzlets. Considered as one of Zurich region’s most classical dishes, Züri Gschnätzlets is a ragout of veal in mushroom and cream sauce.


Now that we have covered the basics of Swiss cuisine, it is time for you to discover Zurich’s finest. Whether you want to enjoy traditional Swiss dishes in an enchanting historical building, or with romantic views by the lake, my selection has got you covered.

1. Chäsalp

This delightfully cosy restaurant can be found right in the midst of Zürichberg, the biggest natural park in town. You can enjoy the magical atmosphere while trying the delicious traditional dishes, prepared with the finest regional cheese. With such a wide selection you will have a hard time choosing among the variety of macaroni dishes, flavoured Fondues and delicious Raclettes. I personally recommend trying the sparkling fondue, which contains (you guessed it!) champagne, for a romantic and cheesy night out!

2. Zeughauskeller

Zeughauskeller can be found in the city centre, just behind Paradeplatz. The Zueghaus, where the restaurant is located, is a historical arsenal where weapons and ammunition used to be stored up until 1487. Apart from the historical setting, what differentiates this restaurant is its huge offer of traditional hearty meals. Besides their weekly and monthly specialities, you can find more than 10 types of veal sausages here, such as the Zurcher Kalbsbratwurst and the St. Gallen Schüblig. Try as many as you can! They are all delicious!

3. eCHo

Located in Zurich Marriot, this is the place to go for typical Swiss dishes with a twist. Offering traditional dishes with a touch of creativity and a uniquely contemporary approach, eCHo fuses tradition with innovation. Allow yourself to be tempted by their delicious brunch buffet. Or, if you are going there for lunch or dinner, make sure you try their homemade Fondue and the delicious Züri Gschnätzlets with Rösti. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about dessert! There are many excellent dessert options, such as the cherry meringue and the chocolate mousse. You wouldn’t want to miss out on trying them; it’s all part of the experience!

4. Raclette Stube

If you are looking for the quintessential cheese experience this is the restaurant for you. Located in the heart of the old town, Raclette Stube is warm and welcoming, with an atmosphere reminiscent of the secluded restaurants in the Swiss mountains. Indulge in melted cheese with a Raclette à discretion, or with one of the incredibly tasty cheese Fondues.

5. Cheese Fondue Cruise

There is nothing more romantic than exploring the Zurich lake while tasting delicious Swiss specialities. Take the one-and-a-half-hour cruise and taste the Swiss national dish served in the traditional pot: the chaquelon.


Written by Francesca Ferrante

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